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Our Mission is to satisfy the customer by delivering their software in high quality and as fast as possible, with a touch of creativity.


NextARCH Lab is a platform for linking between academia and industry seeking to resolve the urgent urban challenges confronting our cities today. By bridging this gap, we provide a unique opportunity for the academic community and market stakeholders to collaborate on real-life projects that respond to current market demands. Through the Lab’s on-ground and online activities, we encourage all stakeholders of the built-environment (including decision makers, planners, developers and architects) to put forward pressing questions about current market obstacles for which critical information and solutions are needed. We then pose these questions to our multi-disciplinary network of built-environment researchers, who work in teams to deliver workable project proposals, ready for implementation. We empower and support researchers with resources, mentorship, and access to industry experts who offer hands-on advice for proposal development and execution. Successful research teams will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to potential sponsors, leading partnership opportunities with built-environment industry leaders.

Allor by Rolla

Allor is a clothing brands that aims to sell experience and satisfaction not just garments—we aim to embody the elevated lifestyle of today’s consumer. Our product is about the person who wears it, and his or her individual expression of our creation. We believe his or her approach to shopping is the same as his or her approach to everything else in life: elevated, pared back, and functional. We create ready-to-wear pieces that seamlessly fit into this lifestyle. We are passionate in our belief that the person makes the outfit, not the other way around, and that passion drives us to constantly ideate, create, and innovate. We aim to make your shopping experience easy and satisfying with everything at your fingertips with the variety shown in our store.

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